Saturday, November 17, 2012


Heidi and I had plans to go to the beach and Bolinas - but this is what I found
 It's hard to pinpoint food poisoning sometimes. Was it the vegan mushroom soup or the sick children she was around yesterday...?

she had made applesauce the night before - add some oatmeal!
a few extra hours of sleep and she rallied and we could see the ocean
look to the North towards Bolinas
look to the South toward San Francisco
amazing what a little sunshine can do
this way

Bolinas was eclectic for certain - hung at the Coop for a bit
yes we  can!!!

just outside the coop is the largest freebox I've ever seen

a little under-organized, but radical for sure

strolled to the beach and saw this VW rabbit with hot springs info

caught the SUNSET at Bolinas where Heidi reminded me to watch the sunset everyday

cool driftwood pot hanger

a new planter for her backyard - a garage sale find
homemade soup with veggies from the farm stand

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