Thursday, November 22, 2012

down the coast

Met Viet in San Jose for Vietnamese food
hoped to see Bare Knuckle pizza in action, but I did see the oven
Tea with Cornelia in San Jose-met her last year in Anacortes

skated the newly improved DERBY park

super smooth=super fun

sunset at DERBY!
Santa Cruz has a Cafe Gratitude
staff of life makes their own gf vegan donuts!
Emmanuel Guzman came in while I was at Bill's Wheels

part of BILL's extensive history lesson

popped over to CONSOLIDATED & said hello to Birdo & Leticia
Played a round at De Laveaga in the hills outside of SC

the 27th hole tee box has quite a view
rugged and windy coastline
driving the coast is always an adventure - historic Bixby Bridge

looking back on Bixby - this was my perch for the sunset
the sun goes behind the clouds

15 minutes later the colors come out

1-3am - had an extraordinary soak under the stars - loads of shooting stars
so good to be back in shorts & flip flops - isla vista food coop

picked up BONES documentary's and went by Church of Skatan
the only organic/vegan restaurant in Santa Barbara

can't miss an op to get jackfruit tacos!
was up early and walked to the end of the PIER for sunrise
dolphin fountain
ode to the Popcorn Man
backyard bowls for breakie!
drove up into the heavens in search of hot water
after some serious rough roads - I found upper Big Caliente

there was a mumbling older fella in this pool

this was the jam a lower BIG CALIENTE

gorgeous stone work

attention to detail on the outflow.
another 9 miles of winding dirt roads

uh oh... had to hike in to LITTLE CALIENTE from here.
from the lowest and coolest pool at Little Caliente

the overview with some fellow hikers

the hottest and smallest UPPER pool
the lower pool - i soaked in the pool on the right!
walked into Five Points in Ventura just in time to see GONZ ollie the channel

next up..... SIMI VALLEY for thanksgiving....

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