Friday, December 7, 2012


Ben and I go back to 1992 CSU - fort collins, CO. I sorta stalled out in LA awaiting a video that never came. No matter  - cause the circumstances allowed me to hang at the Looram's and visit with Ben and his family.

Ben & I have lots of similarities - we both like it best, SHORT
Oscar and I kicking the ball at Olivia's soccer scrimmage
son & father saying goodbye - i read to OZ for the first part of class

got an early look at the book fair - this book i recommend
a certain Looram wasn't up for being photographed at breakfast

another one didn't mind as much.

Karuna and her icepick!
I had to do a double take on Ben's tie.

that's the one I'd be wearing if I had to
and in the cupboard I found these gems!
encouraging watermelon sign at the tamale shop
Ben took us on a hike where he once met Tony Alva
I saw what I thought might have been the Beverly Bowl
Oscar enjoyed the rope swing
was stoked to see Olivia at fencing practice - she's the only fencer I know
Ben & I had a hot tub party one evening
he was just messing around but it made for a funny pic

wonder woman comics got into some dark territory

Ben first introduced me to Tamara's Tamales 12 years ago
Ben was pretty insistent that we get a foot massage! glad we did!
thanks for having me Ben & Karuna - I hope to ride my bicycle over sometime in January.

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