Saturday, November 17, 2012

hot springing OREGON-style

driving into the forest in search of a soak
found one
a not so strenuous hike in
had to myself initially....plenty of soak options


pretty leaves all around
did the hike out to PROXY falls... this is part 1

part 2 was way better.... INGRID - this is what I was talking about
stayed the night in BEND and walked around in the morning

had a smoothie for breakie and took a nori wrap to go

hiked out to UMPQUA in the rain

the main event is partially covered
some of the lower pools
hung out with Dan & Julia who were also at Terwilliger with me
these COLORADOANS had me over to their van for tea

detoured and ran the trail to see Watson Falls
battled the snow to get over the border into CALIFORNIA

so long OREGON

Although I have not been to the eastern Oregon desert hot springs, I will make the claim that Terwilliger aka Cougar Hot Springs and Umpqua Hot Springs are the best in the state

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