Wednesday, November 7, 2012


started the day off walking in the rain and leaves

WWF relations at Food Fight

i ate a smore
picked up KEN and he scored free VOODOO to take to BURNSIDE

i couldn't resist the one apple fritter in the free box

ran right into Heidi
finally ran into Bryce

saw a few crash up derbys
wish I knew this guy's name - he raged all day INDY floater

40 year old chicken grinder

jailbreak backside tweaker

Jeremy Tuffli bsts 

Red got down to his UNDIES
540 slide high on the wall...RED
got over to hang with Natalie and Tyler

Tyler is my favorite cat in Portland


WAIT>.. is that a trick or treat
yep  - some sort of bug took some candy
and another knock at the door
 Last year, Natalie had no trick or treaters, so to get a few this year was a major victory!
reveals a princess
the fangs didn't come out til we were leaving!   SCARY!

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