Wednesday, October 28, 2015

washington quickie

I met the man of the hour - Ernie

Iris is going a mile a minute these days..
Iris helped me harvest the tea leaves Tara sent me off with...
combined the leave with hot water into the cup Mike Crouch gave me!
Ernie really likes Zep
Brodie worked the whole time I was there so here's another of Bianca cooking !
skated Kenmore with some of Pluger's pals

quick visit with Marshall at ATS
saw this at Gravity Sports - woulda be cool to attend
I drove into the driveway of Alex's in Oly and settled in for a nap, but texted to see if he'd be home soon.. He hits me right back stating he and NIK just left 20 minutes ago for San Diego. Do I want to meet for dinner in Portland.... YOU BETCHA... so I got back on the road and headed south to Portland.....

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