Saturday, October 24, 2015


 I had the good fortune to go to the first three Rumble in Ramona's but I missed the 2014 shindig. This year, I was only five hours away in Phoenix, and even though I had to soon drive to Kansas City, I made the not so difficult decision to drive to San Diego and take part as an observer in Rumble 5.

video clip HERE

Alan Young was raging all day - channel ollie to crook fakie

stoked to see Brian Howard on the ramp

I wish Jimmy Wilkins skated more... but I think he had to fly to Africa the next day.

Josh Nelson front Smith grind

Maximum Schaaf frontside ollie

Neal Hendrix textbook sadplant to fakie
Alan Young nosebone channel

Chris Russell throwing up an egg on the extension

Jeff Hedges - SMITH vert
how do you like that back Smith - Alan Young
 Mike Conroy was there, but I failed to get a photo of him.

Chris Russell lien judo

Cab - elguerial at sunset 

hell of an event - so glad I could attend.

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