Tuesday, October 6, 2015

chaco canyon

always wanted to visit Chaco Canyon since I was a kid

Fajada Butte is the 1st thing you notice coming into the park.

caught a walking tour of Chetro Ketl - that's a kiva that woulda had a roof on it

the timbers were dragged from a forest over 60 miles away

1st walking up on Chetro Ketl

layers upon layers

walked up the ancient staircase to see Kin Kletso from on high
a mile hike on the mesa & the aerial view of Pueblo Bonito - the largest of the structures

looking out from old Pueblo Alto to the new Pueblo Alto

the largest kiva on the premises at Casa Rinconada

the difficult to construct corner window at Pueblo Bonito

restoration work was going on at Bonito
highly recommended.........!

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