Monday, October 5, 2015

toward the canyon

1st stop out of the Fort was Orient Land Trust where I soaked & ate melon!

sunset's at Valley View Hot Springs are outstanding

stopped at the freebox in Crestone, CO. didn't find anything I could use.
heading further south, I stopped at the sand dunes hot pool

pay $5 extra and not have to deal with kids..... most of the pools were too hot for me
driving south into New Mexico, I crossed paths with the EarthShips

lots of domiciles under construction

and a small walking tour is set up for the inquisitive

I spotted the flowing white hair of the grandfather of Earthships, Michael Reynolds.
 watch the documentary called Garbage Warriors - here

walking down to the Rio Grande to Manby Hot Springs

see it on the river bank?

1st time to Manby and I wasn't disappointed

lots of temperature options.. this one was too cool for me

my pal Llora suggested I visit RAW to GO in Taos - best salad of the summer !
from Taos, I hiked into San Antonio Hot Springs

had it to myself for some of the evening !
next stop - Chaco Canyon

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