Wednesday, October 14, 2015

phx to diego

after Havasupai, I rolled into PHX and crashed Trent's bday dinner

tried the Rueben at Bragg's Factory Diner

their strawberry rhubarb pie was out of this world

Dan took me tubing on the Salt River

we saw wild horses in the river - p:dan s

spent 3 days organizing Cowtown's magazines - all love Slaps

transworld's stacked
I was only 5 hours from San Diego, so I went back for a few days

soaked at Holtville & tried to skate the new El Centro skatepark, but it was locked up
straight over to Meredith's to hang with Julius

detoured to dog beach before Peace Pies

Percey on his new perch

Meredith gets the Caesar, while I get the Presedential
walkin around South Park, I witnessed these two pals

up to north county where Mike made us dinner after a session at Blockhead

dropped by NII BAR hoping to see Shanais, but I met Izzi instead
back in North Park, I met Ingrid's new roommate, Gracie

before I met Gracie, I was kicking it outside with Oz
Meredith took me to the beach where we boogie boarded

DL gets a skin treatment on the streets of North Park

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