Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the havasupai challenge

for years I've been seeing the breathtaking pics of the waterfalls on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. 
more recently I started to research what it takes to get down there.
this year was my year to make the reservation and swim there!
where the 10 mile hike begins - I slept in the parking lot & hiked at dawn

after a mile & a half of steeps it mellowed out into a shaded wash

I'm really doing this..... 40lbs on my back

caves & cacti

I'd been warned to quickly get to the side, when you hear a mule train approaching

high red rock on either side

first laying eyes on the milky blue water of Havasu River
after 8 miles, you enter the town of Supai {only accessible by pack mule, foot, or helicopter}

I believe this is fifty foot falls...from the trail to the campground

little navajo falls

and then I finally laid my eyes upon the prize - Havasu Falls.

I left my pack up top and ran down for my 1st swim in the milky blue water

I set up camp, napped, and went looking for Mooney Falls

from up top - Mooney Falls - the tallest in the canyon

it's a treacherous commute to get down to the water.

but totally worth it if you survive

looking down river - Beaver Falls await 2 more miles down there

this shows the ladders down to the base of Mooney.

one last shot of Mooney.... stayed 2 nights, & conquered my demons in hikin out

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