Sunday, October 25, 2015

kansas quickie

I stayed the night in Hays where I witnessed Henri learn Farkel

new buddy on the street

the free massage chairs on campus hurt so good - p: Julie

mojo and me

do you see the thrill in her eyes?
back in Wichita I ate at Kind Kravings

I went big with 2 sandos !

Lucy - it's always a pleasure
Wes & Lola
ran into vert legend Corey Lawrence at Escapist

skating mission with Dan - judo kick  !

I rarely miss a chance to pet a cat

pizza party at Waldo's

Seven getting his twice daily massage from his live in massuse.
Dan on Donkey Kong JUNIOR before the show

the entire reason for driving half way across the country - Boy's Life

directly to Ed's at dawn

had to meet Austin !
quick chat and tea with ML Crouch in Lawrence

skated and chilled with JP before heading up into Nebraska

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