Monday, November 2, 2015

oregon quickie

chased Nikki & Alex down in pdx & we ran into Ari at Back to Eden

Brer is looking & sounding so much better

Klich loved his present !

the next morning both Brer & I were introduced to Vera
hung with Chad before he flew off to Scotland

Howard at CalSkate donated a pile of rare mags

surprised Jamie Brock at his work

kicked it with Jess a few times.... here at work at MapleX/O

shredded with Phil & Silas

took in the SILAS board display at Cal's Pharmacy & grabbed some mags

soft serve at FOOD FIGHT !
went to Lora's zine release.....
and ate brownies with Matt
checked the progress @ Burnside - Red on jackhammer duty!

did some grinders with Chris
stumbled onto a creepy Halloween band at VOODOO

Matt hooked up free donuts... fritter gave me heartburn
Klich flying around on Alberta Street

lunch with Fudge

I met TONY ~!

and kicked it with Tyler and the rest of the gang
Dinner with KLICH, Turtle, Kenny, AVO, & Amy on my last night in town

hit Umpqua at dawn and ducked into the sunshine in California

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