Tuesday, November 19, 2013

points south

after Hairball, I slept a few hours with ears ringing and got up before dawn and hit the road south

stopped in Wichita for lunch at Garden Grille where they were introducing a new lunch buffet
I nearly lost it when I learned of the All You Can Eat mac & cheese plus pizza!
met longtime family friend Julie O outside Austin for breakfast
Whitley met me at Casa De Luz and sure enough, Wayo Sr came in for dinner!
BARTON Springs was closed for several weeks due to this FLOOD.

the flooding swept away the famous diving board / I learned it will be replaced

see you soon diving board

I wasn't sure if I'd get in......

but I went for it

the Barton Springs Rd bridge over Barton Springs creek
caught the toy train coming out of the tunnel on the walk back to Casa
met Dayn for a late lunch at Casa de Luz and took off for San Antonio
always a fine organic meal at Casa de Luz
I decided I would do the drive to San Antonio so I could see Filmage in the theater

It didn't make the main marque at the Alamo Drafthouse

but was prominently displayed at the ticket counter

theater 9 holds 104 and it sold out

glad I was there early to secure a TICKET - trailer here. it's amazing!

was up early and grabbed an expensive juice
walked back to Vegeria for the breakfast bar

one trip through - made the most of it
stopped by Emiko's mom's Japanese grocery in San Antonio before driving on to Houston

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