Friday, November 22, 2013


EZ7 was my 1st stop - one of the most legendary ditches in the world

1st skated it in 1991 with Brodie Ryan

I didn't have much for it, but a smooth front rock

back tail snap

there is now a prefab park 40 feet from the ditch

graffiti at the skatepark
used to be all vegan, but it's still radical

I splurged & tried the guac

then I saw that they use KLICH's motto

my 1st arepa - think the merging of a tostada & a torta

it was my 1st time to wear shorts and flip flops in what seemed like months

I asked this outreach worker what it was like to be sponsored by the devil
Duke  poolside in Houston

my Houston host and my dad's college roommate - James
James took me on a tour of Galvlston - this mansion survived the 1900 hurricane

oil wealth

watermelon coasters at OASIS

tasty sandwiches at this quaint little OASIS

the pier & the seawall

the Johnny Romano skatepark

the Satori School - craig sends them promo

a giant trumpet near where the cruise ships land
stopped off at NASA on the drive back

that's a fake space shuttle - James wanted it to be real

RADICAL EATS version of the torta - it's got nothing on POKEZ~

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