Friday, November 15, 2013

in hawk pursuit

woke up and looked out Steve's window to see some color to the south

didn't take long to get into HAWK pursuit

Steve illustrates some of his techniques in Wilderness Park

we stalked an owl, but could never get close enough

despite the cold, it was a fun adventure
on the way to OAK LAKE - Steve spotted a red tailed hawk

he swooped up here, but let us get relatively close

then he was across Salt Creek and he got right is Steve's face

Steve goes out nearly everyday to look for birds of prey & he said close encounters like this are rare
stop at MAGGIE's Veg for some lunch

She's a large supporter of local produce

I went with the soup & salad combo

day two had us searching along the Antelope Valley bike trail

one never knows how long the hawk will stay in one place

flying out of range - you should see the smile on Steve's face when he gets close

the majestic red tailed hawk

did anyone get the play on words in the title?  anyone remember this guy?

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