Saturday, November 23, 2013


When I was last in Austin back in spring of 2012 I was fortunate to get a tour of In.gredients before in opened for business. Being back in Austin this month, I got another tour during their 2nd year in operation.

not a large store, but a beautiful footprint

lots of outdoor seating and onsight gardens

the bulk section is on point

lots of local and non packaged eats in the cold case

nut butters to be placed in your own container

kale bunches sit in glasses of water to prolong freshness

mushrooms in bulk

the produce selection is small, but 90% local

lots of greens grown on their grounds

and I imagine most of that 3.2lbs is from customers waste

roasted locally, but not grown locally

well maintained tare station
Their model has evolved over the last 16 months, and a lot of the packaging offsets come on the side of their vendors. A local egg producer utilizes reusable cartons upon In.gredients request. Lots of the bulk items come in buckets vs plastic bags.

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