Tuesday, November 19, 2013


when Steve first shared a link about Hairball, I was confused, wondering if it was an op for HK

this venue is right next door to Steve's work
 Steve had to work that night, but as soon as he got off, we bought tickets and went in - not sure of what to expect. Was there going to be an opening act? We weren't sure.

Van Halen with Diamond Dave at the helm opened up the show

DLR walked off and Steve Perry & Journey took over.

Then AC/DC did two songs - Steve & I were tripping about how many singers there were??
Prince rocked Purple Rain
Cinderella took the stage

The Final Countdown with Europe

Round & Round with Ratt
Brett Michaels & Poison
Ozzy did Crazy Train

Freddy Mercury with Queen
Alice Cooper with School's Out

Axl Rose with Guns & Roses

the guitarist, bassist, & drummer were in the same outfits for the 2 hour set
Twisted Sister is who we thought was gonna end it.
After a few moments of chanting, Gene Simmons came out & KISS rocked a few tunes

Gene even blew a fireball

if you ever have a chance to see HAIRBALL - do it.

When I see them next, I hope to witness Bon Jovi & Def Leppard

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