Friday, November 22, 2013

johnny romano

I've wanted to attend this since its inception 17 years ago
the bowl jam footage always struck me as epic from previous years. 2013  2012  2011  2010
alex midler slapping into a back tailslide

chany blasting the hip frontside

chany & wes

Charlie Thomas tailgrab nosegrind out of the mini ramp vert wall

Charlie & I had a chance to catch up

Cody Lockwood  - fsa - stealing flashes helped

evan smith had some sick combos

Ishod back lipslide

madars apse back tailslide - always nice to see the street kids hold their own in the bowl
Galveston ripper Zach Castillo - saran wrap body jar 2nd place

Zach had stylish Smith grinds through the corner down pat.

Wes Kremer trademark frontside flip

Tristan Funkhouser - lien air

Tristan - foot plant fakie off the wall.

Man of the hour - Raney Beres off the hip to back lip

Raney - front boardslide

one of the winning moves - INDY tug off the wall - wearing VANS/how appropriate

Raney about to drop in while Brian Schaefer comments

Raney - huge crossbone over the hip
Alex Midler - releasing a crailslide

backside drifter with Ishod Wair

Malcolm Watson 3flip noseslide

Malcolm & Charlie

Nyjah Huston - you call it
Cody Lockwood - frontside 360 over the bar
MVP of the day - Ryan Thompson-ollie over to Smith
Nyjah on the last best trick event of the day.
Frankie Heck bs 180 to switch crooks

Kechaud Johnson made a kickflip up the 6 stair
Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor, Ernie Torres, Karl Watson & one stoked mom

was stoked to see COLD WAR in its entirety

Schaefer introduces Jamie before the Cold War premiere
Bowl Jam
     1. Raney Beres 2. Zach Castillo 3. Tristan Funkhouser 4. Cody Lockwood 5. Evan Smith
    Honorable Mentions: Wes Kremer, Alex Midler, Madars Apse, Andrew Wallace

A-frame Best Trick
    1.Nyjah Huston 2. Ryan Thompson 3. Chris Cole 4. Jonathan Bastian 5. Zion Wright
    Honorable Mentions: Madars Apse, Felipse Gustavo, Zack Godlewski

Zumiez Best Trick
    1. Nyjah Huston 2. Ryan Thompson 3. Chris Cole 4. Zion Wright 5. Justin Vinson
    Honorable Mentions: Frankie Heck, Christian Dufrene

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