Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seattle revisited...

I jumped back to Seattle to hang with Betty Quick, P.I., fresh off the boat from Ethiopia.
Raiders of the Lost Ark in the shadow of the Space Needle.
 Mighy O now has fritters..!

I saw this rad dog on multiple morning visits to the O

could you call it TWIN FALLs... deep in the sticks..WA.

Marginal Way is a lot funner.
35th Dave met me at a park for a session before work.

Nick & I went skating...the pain
and the make... fs 180 nosegrind

Shane met me for the illustrious Avocado Curry at Araya's
Glad I found Thrive... solid raw food...

the peppercini's sapped my excitement for this scramble at Wayward Cafe

Bruce and his lady took me to a waterfall
Bruce and I rock jumped and it was COLD.

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