Thursday, June 14, 2012


So after scoping the Washougal solo, Kenny, Shane, Klich, and I went back to JUMP. 
Fudge was unavailable.
The climb up to the jump at NAKED FALLS
JUMP 1        -      JUMP 2

yee gets the sequence.... #1
the jump makes #2
almost there makes #3

splash down makes #4
my turn
studs sunbathing and meditating.....
next we went down to the bridge rope swing - Kenny - VIDEO
Klich takes his turn - VIDEO

I didn't want to mess with the rope swing, so I jumped the bridge.
Last spot of the day had the moon out.

Klich dove from a low spot
He checked it out up top and settled for a bit down.  VIDEO

I think this one hurt upon entry. IT HURT

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