Monday, June 18, 2012

Occupy Portland

So I'd be hearing about the Occupy Wallstreet movement in NYC here and there... I didn't really investigate too hard until closer to Oct 6th. From what I'd been hearing it sounded too good to be true and it was funny how I didn't see anything about it on the mainstream media.........{go figure}. Klich & Kenny and their food not bombs crowd enlightened me to some of the planning meetings for the main Portland event scheduled for 10-6-11.

That morning I rode across the Burnside bridge to see a sea of demonstrators.
Getting in a little closer, it was clear that all sorts of people were in support of the movement.
Jackie and Spenser were down from Seattle

Food NOT Bombs pedaled in and set up a free sandwich zone.
After some speeches, the MARCH around downtown began and it was a sight to SEE.

The march wound through town and ended at Chapman Square Park. FNB sets up.
Klich was instrumental in getting the kitchen set up.

early stages of tent city.

 I helped out for the next couple of days with food service. Then I moved on to Eugene...After 10 days I returned to see things at Occupy PDX much more organized. The food area was massive and Klich was in the thick of it!
The local community radio was set up and broadcasting live from the Occupation.
many sleepless nights later..... I'm proud of you, buddy!

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