Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harvest Fest

People's Coop in SE has an annual HARVEST FEST... Sounds like a pie eating contest is usually part of the celebration!  All you had to do was say PIE EATING CONTEST and Klich's ears perked up....

bring out the Pumpkin Pies!!!
the kids went first
and then we had the ADULT division...real HEAVYWEIGHTs

despite what you might have heard, it was a very friendly contest.
We took a skate break at Brooklyn after the PIE BATTLE

Kenny won the blunt challenge going backside.

Klich went with the frontside variety
Yee was after speed lines...
ended the day with some farkle on a bench at the co op.
The Sprockettes all the way from Germany did a mini bike demo.
lots of cats in the hood... lookin tough....

lookin for love....

Colin, Kenny, YEE (fs rockin), Klich

 RANDOM food photos that YEE was involved with.....

My first soy curls experience courtesy of Gorditos
Portabello for a night on the town...yee and his pizza

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