Wednesday, June 6, 2012

to Patty's Party

Patricia moved into a solo residence in Vancouver and threw a little party.....Shane drove us up there and here are the adventures along the way..... enjoy....
This park just opened a week prior in La Conner, WA. Shane.;;;
never a dull moment crossing the border with YEE
we hit up a north van park where I was hoping to see Chalmers.
Patty made some food for the shindig.!
Budgie's is right across the street from AntiSocial
streetside consumption
I imagine the interior changes up....
found some BARRIERS
the approach wasn't great, but YEE got a few.
Here's a minute of YEE at Hastings.

I skated here in 99. They improved the bowl since last time
I love the effortlessness on this booster.  YEE
We, and by we I mainly mean YEE, skated a few other parks then drove back down to Seattle.

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