Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Patty set up a trip to ORCAS with some of her gal pals and I was able to link up... It also coincided with some free lodging accomodations that befell me from Curt & Natalie...
The Coal Pad

I'm glad I've been now, but I wouldn't recommend going out of your way.
I was hyped to visit Deception Pass.. from down low
a boat goes out to sea
I did see a SEAL a few moments before I took this.
I met these two bicyclists on the bridge!
The fella had been riding for over a year - trip to the FREE BOX
Can't recall his name, but he got a Salvation Mountain postcard!
I parked in Anacortes and boarded the ferry on foot & hickhiked to the skatepark
found lots of blackberries
Was there in time for the farmer's market
lots of local organics
kicked it by the water for a bit
orcas' skatepark is no joke.
Patty and her two gal pals - Audrey and Benayshe met me at the park the next morning after they got off the ferry.
Patty showed up in this get up!  mucho style points
a few runs and then a bow...
Once the pants went on, the skating got more serious.
Patty, Bear, and Benayshe on the drive to dinner.
Camp got set up fairly easily!!
And broke down just as easily.

stuff that tent.... i'm sure the gals made a crude joke about stuffing it somewhere else.

Before we boarded the ferry for home, we drove up to the highest point on the island.

Yee would have joined us if it weren't for an incident involving these items

My favorite stencil from the skatepark!

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