Thursday, June 14, 2012

eccentric pdx

best bumper sticker I saw
veggie distributor that only uses bikes to deliver

Sometimes Klich will give you a sando from school on the streets.
trip to the coast with Elaine
RED & Black with the Prokop's

World famous ELAINE's homemade mac & cheese & broc
Went fruit foraging with JOY!
this cat hangs around People's Co Op
a thick slice from a pizza cart in downtown.

this was as close to a strip club as I got, much to Natalie's disappointment
Elaine took me out for waffle tacos.
YEE at Kitchen Dances... he got the Reuben.
 JUSTIN sorted me out with tickets to the IPRC's annual fundraiser 
Lisa Mae and Justin dressed up as walking poets
Sketch artist was on hand ...

check in.... I almost won an auction....almost

Former Edgemonter  - Lori D - had a show at Commonwealth skatepark one Friday night.

and now for some more randoms bits.....
I went to college with Curt one morning.
That turned into lunch @ Homegrown Smoker
I helped Klich make grape juice from the grapes in the yard. YUM
Natalie's gonna hate me for posting this one......DC VEG lunch date in downtown

got the whole gang together for breakie @ Hungry Tiger Too

food not bombs was always a blessing

read and learn - pass it on

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