Thursday, June 7, 2012

Olympic Peninsula

I really really enjoyed the mac & cheese @ Hillside Quickie Too
From one of my visits to Seattle, I drove down to Tacoma and out onto the peninsula.  For weeks Peacetrain Charlie had been raving about Port Townsend, so that was my first objective.
the new and improved Tacoma Narrows bridge
THIS is a 4 minute education in what happened to the original bridge

We biked out to these 1940's era artillery fortifications.
I met up with Charlie right away and he dialed me into most of what the town has to offer.
We caught the local farmer's market.
the boat making museum
checking out the Free Box in the early a.m.
the Port Townsend Skatepark is satisfactory.
 I said my good byes to Charlie and rolled out of town.

Port Angeles was the next stop.

stopped for some coastline sightseeing on the peninsula.

did a few hikes down to the water.. Goonies style

the town of FORKS got a good park recently
The bowl wasn't too offered a lot.

This bowl in Hoquiam surprised me pleasantly!
Naked Falls along the Washougal
a local badass handled the backflip without incident
this guy had less experience but showed me the ropes. would you call it a flying squirrel?

So before crossing back into Oregon, I did some river swimming scouting along the Washougal. Found some of the gems I'd been hearing about.  I decided to investigate the Wind River Hot Spring too. 
In the past you used to be able to cross private land, but NO LONGER. I ate a few of there blackberries and went and had dinner at PROPER EATS.

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