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 Go Skateboarding Day 2014 is when I started a journey to skate everyday for 100 days. That turned into 200 and from there I decided to do the full 365 days of a year. Wrex Cook and Jim Gray are responsible for motivating me to challenge myself in this way.

the 1st 100 days of skating - HERE
the 2nd 100 days of skating - HERE

the home ramp in San Diego

200 edgemont ramp
201 Ocean Beach skatepark
202 zip zinger to People's Coop
203 nooklife mini ramp
204 edgemont ramp - raining
205 edgemont w/ chris center
206 edgemont

Gabe front tailblock at Slab City
 207 slab city, el mirage skatepark AZ
208 Rio Vista w/ z boys, Union Hills sp, beardsley banks, paradise valley w/ jaws,
209 tempe park w hutch and rhett

Gabe startin out the day at Pecos with a 270 backside air

210 pecos, chandler with Dan Santovin, Maricopa with aj & jens

211 lakeside skatepark
212 edgemont
213 memorial skatepark, pokez w jhal, edgemont
214 edgemont
215 edgemont with kenny
216 edgemont
217 edgemont, la bodega skart show
218 edgemont
219 edgemont
220 memorial sp
221 edgemont with van with no plan
222 edgemont filmed day #1 chris center
223 edgemont
224 Prince Park - oside
225 zip zing in LBC, poods park, slappy bevmo, ob sunset
226 edgemont
227 zip zing at shirley's
228 slab city with ken
229 edgemont filming #2
230 edgemont
231 zip to clarity hamlet
232 zip to sangha thru Hillcrest
233 edgemont
234 zip from rebecca's
235 leucadiaside, zero mini ramp, poods, burnout
236 edgemont filmed #3
237 memorial jhal
238 wsvt kriegel
239 edgemont
240 edgemont
241 campland, zero, leucadiaside, blockhead
242 jersey barrier in san clemente
243 ditch on coast highway

me at McBride - and Gabe Clement front rockin at the Matix ramp
 244 orizaba skatepark, mcbride, matix, alondra skatepark

245 ditch, venice skatepark
246 skatelab
247 susanna woods ditch
248 skatelab on craig stecyk board
249 streetstyle at simi train station
250 edgemont filming #4

Jeffrey cruising Broadway....
 251 memorial jhal, edgemont sangha
252 edgemont
253 edgemont
254 edgemont
255 edgemont w/ corey/trent detroit
256 edgemont w/ trent detroit
257 edgemont filming #5
258 zip zing home from pokez
259 PQ park fence hop, esco ?, valley center DIY
260 edgemont
261 edgemont
262 edgemont w royer
263 wsvt, new route 44
264 edgemont filming #6
265 zip zing tim dunbar locations
266 edgemont w/ ari
267 edgemont
268 edgemont
269 jhal's board at krakatoa

Brandon Perelson takes to the sky in PB as Jeffrey gets the footie
 270 PB qp, brandon perelson & jhal
271 edgemont filming #7

back blunt in the ditch on the beach - long beach
 272 LB ditch, costa mesa skatepark w Kerry

273 zip zing LBC
274 edgemont

Jeffrey's buddy at Memorial skatepark - 5050 to no comply slide
 275 memorial jhal & klich
 276 edgemont
277 edgemont

Klich 270 ollie to nosepick with Center filming.
 278 edgemont filming #8

279 edgemont

Klich pumps up a dog pisser to fakie on a newly made DIY
 280 zip zing around pokez, wallride
281 edgemont

Nick Peterson back nose grind at WSVT
 282 wsvt nic peterson
283 edgemont w/ ari
284 edgemont
285 edgemont filming #9
286 edgemont
287 edgemont

Ari Evan Gold backside layback to tail at Edgemont
 288 edgemont w ari

289 edgemont library build day
290 edgemont

Brian Kelly feeble grinding at the house
 291 edgemont street machine

292 edgemont last filming #10
293 edgemont - lfl installed

Chris Center nose pivot at the alleyway DIY qp in PB
 294 edgemont chris center, PB qp

Eric G @ his mini ramp jam and bbq
 295 poods, eric g mini ramp,

296 rock ride at Remington

front rock at SkateFe diy
 297 skate fe DIY, tulare skatepark, orange cove sp, madera sp

298 felt street skatedot w/ greg/casey

finally found the Buena Vista pool - skated the shallow end

299 Santa Cruz park, derby, Buena Vista pool

back tail at Davenport ditch - p:greg harbour
300 davenport ditch tfunk

Mr. Fakie boardsliding at Town Park in Oakland
 301 fremont sp w/ kerry, curbs w kerry, town park, lower bobs

pivot fakie at the red park in San Jose - p: mr. fakie
 302 red SJ skatepark, SJ slab, bad sj skatepark, slo new park

303 ojai skatepark
304 skatelab jay adams board
305 skatelab DP beer city
306 prince park oside

after quite the battle, Chris Center hit the ceiling & signed the wall
 307 edgemont - Chris Center
308 edgemont
309 edgemont

Matt Swanguen pivot fakie on his own creation
 310 matt swanguen diy

311 edgemont
312 edgemont

Gabe back boneless to fakie at Edgemont
 313 edgemont with Gabe Jimenez

314 gala curbs
315 edgemont
316 edgemont
317 tws park
318 skatelab - gonz board
319 OB curb on borrowed board
320 edgemont
321 edgemont
322 memorial DOOGOOD
323 brawley
324 tucson volcano
325 edgemont ditch NM, westside ditch
326 marfa courthouse
327 alpine skatepark
328 big bend ditch
329 fredericksburg evergreen sp, marble falls, cottonwood shores
330 zip casa de luz
331 House skatepark w/ sieben

front rock in San Antonio - p: James Hardy
 332 nani falcon sp, boerne sp with james hardy, cat palace

333 3 ditch downhill near krause springs
334 pflugerville skatepark
335 whole food parking lot rain
336 4dwn jeff phillips
337 wichita bridge park w/ ant, rick
338 edgemoor banks
339 edgemoor mini ramp
340 elephant deck at Jeremy's
341 RV shop zip
342 city park downtown
343 jeremy backyard

William Meyerson method air on his home ramp
 344 william meyerson mini ramp

345 kechi ditch
346 street skate HOPE, ks
347 dollar store street skate
348 green, ks comm center

the day I met up with Steve in Beatrice, he shot me tapping in this ditch.

349 beatrice ditch w/ steve andel

350 skate the state board

Steve Andel wallriding near the state Capitol

351 street skate in lincoln
352 krooked cruiser
353 columbus skatepark
354 apt skate
355 apt skate
356 apt skate
357 apt skate

Phil Burcher pivots to fakie at his home ramp after brunch
 358 phil's ramp

359 apt skate
360 zip to dinner
361 apt skate

Jon Miner films Rick Howard bluntslides at Skate South #stayFlared

362 subsect ditch - stayflared skateSOUTH
363 denver skatepark

Mike Carroll airwalking at the last stop of #stayFlared

364 denver skatepark, northglenn - stayflared

Jason Repphun stuns all onlookers with a noseslide down the hubba @ Broomfield
 365 denver skatepark w/ illya, broomfield with jason repphun & chris sessions

366 launch

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