Tuesday, August 11, 2015

midwest ride ep.5

I was slated to take a train into Denver, but Mark picked me up at Steve's

threw the bike in the back and we were off to Denver
two old pals, cruising down I-80
Mark dropped me off at the Denver skatepark and walked over to see the ballgame.
next morning I paid a visit to 303 boards

popped in Nooch for some food for the big day
chomping on a Sweet Action ice cream sandwich with Josh 

the Platte was raging harder than I'd ever seen

rode up to the Northglenn park for the demo

Heath skated like a champ - first to kickflip the mothership
Mike Carroll busting out the airwalk towards the end of the demo

Andrew Reynolds - fakie flip melon - amazed me...

Rick Howard - breakin'

check out more from the mile high BURNOUT
video episodes on Thrasher site. CLIP HERE
Raven (injured in Iowa) watches on as Mike gets shots for the burnout post.
so stoked I could attend two of the eight demos of the century!

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