Thursday, August 6, 2015

midwest ride ep.4 {Iowa}

Steve & I borrowed a Vanagon & drove into Des Moines the afternoon of the demo
Subsect was the first stop

scoped the local DIY spot on the way to the demo

Heath skated the demo hard. bsts
Burnett getting the shot on rollerskates of Westgate's 180 the hard way to backwards 50-50

Jerry switch 180 five O

Rick Howard was on fire - hurricane down the A-frame

Spanky skated hard all evening - fsts - Burnett in shoes by this point.
It was Biebel's birthday so he graciously accepted two cakes towards the end of the demo

Rick & Mike check footie with Ewan
Mike was a flurry all night, taking photos for the BURNOUT - see his quality shots here

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