Thursday, August 13, 2015

midwest ride ep.7

After visiting with Joe Potthoff at the Bean Cycle, it was time to depart and start the long, arduous journey back to the van in Kansas.

riding along the Big Thompson River in Loveland

Erie and many of the small towns on my route are FUCKED for allowing fracking in their residential zoning.

frack pad right by the playground...... perfect....

caught the last farmstand day for Gabrielle's Garden - another victim of development in Denver
next morning I paid a visit to the 1st annual Denver Zine Fest

uncommon Futures - pals of Rachael Weiss

Chris Jones - friend of Launch

rad gal that makes journals out of old boxes. I make postcards, she makes journals
taking the Cherry Creek trail out of Denver headin SE

winding but pretty surroundings

turns out the Parker skatepark was right off the bike trail - too bad I left my board in Ft. Collins
woke up with this fella near my tent

the wildflowers were amazing  -  little bit of rainbow too

in general, it was hot and dry with little shade - had to wrap it up

one of few accessible trees I could sit under for a break

peculiar old tree out on the plains of Colorado

the heat, the sunburn, & the lack of good food was all taking its toll on me
the pain was all in my rear end
Each day I would question if I could make it back to Wichita. After 3 days, I started contemplating how I could get home, if I was gonna quit. Hitchhike or train?  I made some calls, and if I could get to Lamar, CO, I could catch a train. Another steamy day of riding landed me in Lamar. I stashed my bike at a local bike shop and hung out at the train station. The train was 6 hours late, but felt so good to get on it. Caught a ride with Lester and 6 women from the train station in Newton, and before noon on the 2nd of July I was back in the van.
the train depot at Lamar - once on the train, I was back to the van in 8 hours.

Reflecting back, now that I'm no longer in pain, I'm thankful to have seen some of my home state from the slow road. The time in Colorado - on roads I drive consistently - I now think back to my time on this or that road while on my bicycle. I do wish I would have completed my journey on the bike, but am not going to beat myself up about it. I tried & I failed..... but at least I tried and I now know more about myself.

one month & one day on the bike.
roughly 500 miles pedaled
3 states explored

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