Wednesday, August 5, 2015

midwest ride ep.3 {Lincoln}

I'd given myself 15 days to get to Lincoln and it only took 5 days, so I had a healthy amount of time to explore Lincoln. Steve was a champ in housing me the whole time.

first morning in town, I randomly run into Phil at the coop
had a chance to tell my story of the local coop

last meal at Pepe's Vegetarian Bistro - taco bar buffet

they made a fresh batch of roasted red pepper hummus at the coop & I took some home

Steve whips out the Venom flip on our trip to Columbus
found a new little free library
good shirt day
Steve found a new chair on campus

a local getting the gainer off the platform

GoldenRod bakery is new in town and has donuts / I refrained

Steve sampling a donut
had brunch with Jake and the Burcher family

Steve & Phil on the porch before digging in

Tara outdid herself

Phil get the post breakfast pivot fakie

went to a memorial for a fallen friend and found a donut
Steve tooling around the memorial waiting for Phil......
last night in town I witnessed Phil's new band, whose name I've forgotten
#stayFlared Iowa up next....

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