Friday, January 9, 2015

200 days

it all started June 21st 2014. I wanted to see if I could skate for 100 days in a row. full report here
once that was in the bag, I figured why not go for 200 days! and this is that story.
the plan now is to go for the full 365.....that story is still unfolding....

 day #101 - Burnside - rapped with Q

Klich - front blunt to Smith at the home turf of Unheard
day #102 – Unheard mini ramp with Klich

Happy Valley doubles with Klich
 made a commercial for Food FIGHT - view here
day #103 – Happy Valley skatepark with Klich – we filmed a food fight commercial

dueling polejams in Beaverton
day #104 – Beaverton #2 skatepark – rock slam – massive flatspot – hurt side of foot

day #105 – stood on Ji’s deck in LA – injured and drove all day

day #106 - stood on Ji’s deck in LA

went to Mark's book signing at Pizzanista
day #107 – rode Ozzy’s rob dyrdek popsicle in venice

day #108 – ollied in the van after a full day of driving back to Portland

day #109 – Phil’s DIY with Phil and we filmed his pivot fakie and I slammed pretty good

day #110 – Burnside with Klich and he actually had fun

day #111 – Burnside with Klich 

day #112 – solo zip zing on Powell Street

day #113 – solo zip zing before bike ride

day #114 – zip zing down hill by Kenny’s

barely getting on the wall at Daddies
day #115 – Daddies street course & mini ramp with Klich

day #116 – Unheard mini ramp with Klich – played ping pong too

with Klich's encouragement, I half cabbed the spine / see the sleepers to the left?
day #117 – Burnside early – sleeping bodies in the bowls

day #118 – Burnside with Klich – saw a man shoot heroin right on the pump bump

day #119 – Burnside with Klich, & yellow curb by the cement factory

Chris on his home build

Phil back tail on Jeff's creation
day #120 – Chris Latky’s backyard DIY, Jeff’s backyard DIY with Phil, Klich, Jeff, & Chris

stoked Brodie is skating so well again!
day #121 – The Muk YMCA mini ramp with Brodie & Zep

wallride over the gap in Everett between rain drops
day #122 – Wiggums Hillow skatepark in Everett with Zep

Brodie looks on as Zep gets the feel for his brand new basement qp
day #123 – basement QP session with Zep

day #124 – basement QP session with Iris

day #125 – Snohomish skatepark with Zep, basement QP with Brodie & Zep

day #126 – basement QP session with Zep

Zep bomb dropping this 1st curb outside The Garage
Brodie boosting out of the mini ramp onto the bank in Crown Hill
day #127 – The Garage skatepark in Everett and Crown Hill Skatepark in N Seattle with Brodie & Zep – super fun day ended with Ethiopian food

day #128 – solo basement QP session

Marshall wasn't there.
day #129 – All Together Skatepark – Seattle, got lost trying to get to Marginal Way

little too damp to really feel out the Friendly Grove park in Oly

same at Yauger on the other side of town
day #130 – Friendly Grove skatepark & Yauger skateparks in Olympia with Alex – too wet

Red and the crew were polishing things up at Burnside

ended up skating in the rain near Alberta Street
day #131 – went by Burnside but Red was sandblasting, Unheard mini ramp with Klich, denied at Daddies, flatground session in schoolyard in the rain with Kenny & Klich

met Sebo at Cal's Pharmacy
Andy Adams was ripping all day - full report here
day #132 – zip zing to Cal’s Pharmacy – Burnside for Halloween craziness

Klich front tailblocks at Scapoose

it took some work, but he got the front blunt on the St Helens taco
day #133 – Scappoose skatepark & St Helens skatepark with Klich

day #134 – zip zing in the rain outside the van

day #135 – zip zing by the van – more rain

day #136 – Burnside with Klich

Kerry ollies out of castle greyskull into the arms of He-Man
day #137 – Burnside with Kerry & Klich – sage boylards and osage buffalo sightings

Jen Sherowski front 5050 at Daddies
day #138 – Daddies mini ramp with Klich, Rachelle, & Jen Sherowski – ladies night

Kerry got a good shot of a back D on Bingen's new section
day #139 – #pdxtoTXtopdx with Kerry Weber begins – Bingen WA skatepark, Caldwell ID skatepark at dusk

I managed to kick a foot off in SLC
Mike Baldwin was wrecking the Launch mini ramp when we arrived
day #140 – Rose skatepark in SLC UT, Launch Creative Center Ft. Collins with Mike Baldwin & Dryden

front rock for the BAKU at Northside
and another at a new bank to curb spot in ft collins

Illya handling it at his home park in Lafayette
day #141 – Launch, Northside skatepark, bank to curb, Lafayette skatepark with Illya

dawn patrol at Denver park - Kerry ollies
Ari Gold front hurricane at the foundation spot

Trinidad - small town, big park
day #142 – RED Denver skatepark, DIY with Ari Paradox, Goose Gossage skatepark in CO Springs, Trinidad skatepark

dusk at Marble Falls
Cottonwood Shores has lights!  both super fun
 day #143 – Stiff skatepark in Amarillo TX, Marble Falls skatepark, Cottonwood Shores skatepark

Lorne blazing a tailslide at Pflugerville's really wild park

post tacos concrete mini ramp session at Patterson Park - Austin
day #144 – House skatepark in Austin with Michael Sieben, No Comply, Pflugerville with Lorne & Stephen, Patterson concrete mini ramp with Lorne

day #145 – Banister ditch, Alexandria ditch, Surfer ditch, New Braunfels skatepark

Spring Skatepark in Houston
day #146 – Kerry flew to Mexico City & I skated Spring Skatepark in Houston – biggest in the USA – helmet required - wack

a humbling experience at Austin High School

so psyched to see Raney Beres skate in person
day #147 – Austin high school ditch very humbling, Lakeway skatepark, KingFest skatepark with Alicia and Raney and Whitley

day #148 – soggy San Marcos skatepark bigfoot bowl

too dark for photos at Edgemont ditch outside El Paso
Kerry emulating Kalis at Santa Rita skatepark in Tucson
day #149 – Edgemont ditch at 2am, Santa Rita skatepark in Tucson, Pecos Park skatepark in phx


Kerry learned front rocks at Kernside

dreaming of going much higher at Ripon
day #150 – the flumes, Kernside in Bakersfield, Ripon skatepark, Oak Park skatepark with Shawn & BofA curbs – kerry breaks board

chilly Mt Shasta session
check more photos from our trip on IG #pdxtoTXtopdx
 day #151 – Mt Shasta skatepark, Myrtle Creek skatepark in OR, Eugene skatepark, PRI

as rumored the Alberta spot was filled with water
day #152 – Burnside with Kerry, checked the Alberta skatespot – filled with water

day #153 – Burnside with Klich

day #154 – Daddies mini ramp with Klich

day #155 – ollie in the van at Brietenbush Hot Springs for the full day

day #156 – Eugene skatepark

son & father outside the West Sacto park
Smith in the bowl at B Street skatepark in Sacto
day #157 – West Sacto skatepark with Billy & Christian Miller, B Street skatepark with Billy, Matt Pailes, & Jon Schwab showed up as I was leaving.

day #158 – zip zing outside Ken’s place in Oakland

day #159 – Lower Bob’s with Alex & Dan, TownPark skatepark solo

the waterway spot near Daryl's place in Oakland
day #160 – Daryl’s spot, Alameda skatepark, DarylEricJustin Patty. Richmond skatepark & Berkeley skatepark with Patty

day #161 – zip zing at Donut Farm, SoMa skatepark with Kerry

a childhood dream finally realized at The Dish
 day #162 – Cow Palace DIY soggy with Kerry, The Dish, 3rd & Army, Potrero with Phelps heckling me to do the ski jump

Alex sharing one of his gems - the pink taco ditch
an ode to Dan Drehobl at Daly City
 day #163 – ALEX full day – Potrero skatepark, Flower Shop DIY, Balboa skatepark, pink taco ditch, Daly City mini ramp, Ft. Miley. Met Ken Eby at SoMa skatepark later that night.

day #164 – Kerry’s apartment elevator due to rain

day #165 – van ollie outside Esalen

brailtapping at the lost ditch
day #166 – broke a rib at Skate Lab, black lagoon ditch

day #167 –Hansen Dam skatepark, Sheldon skate plaza, South Pasadena skatepark with Eric G, Chris Pastras, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu, & Clint Peterson

former Move Skate Shop teamrider - Jacob Tillman still has it!
day #168 – Duarte skatepark & Monrovia skatepark with Eric G & Jacob Tillman

got in a few turns before Channel Street closes for a year
 day #169 – Channel Street, Peck skatepark, no lbc ditch, Vans skatepark HB

James Hardy films JT Aultz at PQ for a skatepark roundup
day #170 – Prince skatepark oside, blockhead ramp, PQ skatepark w/ Dekline

Matt from the van with no plan boardslides the whole deal at OB
day #171 – OB skatepark with the van with no plan & Joey Hughes

Dan gets a grind in during his first time at Edgemont
 day #172 – edgemont ramp with Underpass

Matt blunts on something he helped build that is now GONE
Gabe fastplant at Dallas
 day #173 – DIY spot w/ Nick G & Matt, Dallas skatepark w/ Gabe J

day #174 – edgemont ramp solo with calf pain

day #175 – stood on Blockhead board edgemont ramp

day #176 – zip zing at the SDRRFM

day #177 – zip zing to Rebecca's

day #178 – edgemont ramp solo before the rain

day #179 – ozzy's board in Venice

day #180 – zip zing around Ben's cul de sac

day #181 – Stoner skatepark

day #182 – Venice skatepark

day #183 – zip zing at Ben's house

day #184 – zip zing at Ben's house

day #185 – zip zing at Ben's house

day #186 – Santa Monica Courthouse ledges, Stoner skatepark

day #187 – Manchester 7000skatepark, LAX ride

day #188 – wallride spot near Ben's, Stoner skatepark

Neil Thurman one footer at Memorial
 day #189 –Bay Park Elementary, WSVT, Memo w/ Neil, Memo w/ Klich

Brandon Perelson finding new lines at WSVT

Klich & Dan look on in amazement at Walba blows minds
day #190 –WSVT Julian, Mike, Klich, Brandon, Edgar, mini ramp w/ Walb, Klich, Roche, Revord, Dan, Prince skatepark w/ Klich & Ted Fred, Alga Norte w/ Klich, Alan Young & Danny Dicola

day #191 – edgemont ramp with Klich & the GoPro, SDstreet spots

day #192 – edgemont solo, PQ skatepark in bound to Deer Park

day #193 – zip zing rock wallie & hill bomb at Deer Park

day #194 – zip zing rock wallie at Deer Park Monastery

day #195 – zip zing rock wallie at Deer Park Monastery

day #196 – zip zing rock wallie at Deer Park Monastery

Mike jumps the hip in Dave's backyard
 day #197 – blockhead ramp with Dave & Burnett

day #198 – Cherry Park - Josh Matthews was there

the brand new clover in Encinitas
 day #199 – Encinitas Community skatepark

day #200 – edgemont ramp solo

day #201 – OB skatepark early

and so it will continue.... hoping to make it the full year now.... full report coming end of June

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