Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kenny has landed

the BIG news is that Kenny & Turtle have landed at Edgemont!
Turtle is the 1st cat to ever live here! & the 1st cat with a bow tie in the neighborhood
Gabe tried on his new sleeping bag

Jim surprised me and we met for GOLF
it's fierce competition between us. we wagered a meal at POKEZ on the game
John heeded the call and met us on hole #5

no hair, little hair, lots of hair

Jim climbed in a bush, but came out with the victory
I knew Gerardo had a board in this show...

found a chill bike route to get down there

the night club effect
Mikey Hottman had a piece in the show

Spenser Little bent some wire

plus a bunch of local area artists that I'm not familiar with

is that a cat or a dog on the right?

famous tattoo artist on the left

Viola attempts to rescue a lost dog

Suzanne at Peace Pies

we were both amazed with our selections

big daddy Sherm holding down in the hood

I started reading a rare book at the library. And I saw Ralph

view # 1 is from the porch of Edgemont

view # 2 is from the Garner's roof - my 1st time up there!

completed the memorial for my friend Uriah & hung it in the ramp room

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