Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rich's release

The day Klich flew off to Arizona, I checked in to a five day meditation retreat at Deer Park Monastery.

the meditation hall is called Ocean of Peace - perfect
they broke the 200 folks into families of 20 - this is my Buckwheat family
1st day back in the real world, I visited Jim Bell's bunny

skated blockhead with Mike and Dave

it was a lazy session..... but Mike gets over the hip with ease.....

next day in Long Beach, I rode over to visit the Dude

it was time to put the stripes on the passenger side
skated Cherry & ate at Ahimsa which means nonviolence in sanskrit

met Rich at Proper and got a little preview of his new work
dan from escapist met me at Ahimsa for dinner & 15 minutes later, Jamie was eating with us
after a grueling day at Agenda, Dan opted for some dessert

Jamie grabbed a spoon and jumped in too
Jamie went to a meeting and Dan & I walked over to Rich's release party
Dan with Rich in the background

5 massive new canvases hung from the ceiling

Rich made some found wood sculptures

Ray Barbee was in attendance

two of the three designs

great to see ya, Rich. the shoes, backpack, & cap will be in stores this spring

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