Wednesday, January 7, 2015

rolling with Klich

after skating all morning w/ Neil, I took some time to lay down and contemplate....

big blue
then Klich rolled up in a FORD truck circa 1977....
had some trouble thinking of where to go, but ended up at Memorial

Nick showed up - nollie lip

Klich ollies in the deep of the snake at Memo
we don't know who this ripper was at first... J HAL let us know it is erick winkowski

Klich front tailblocks 1st try....
next morning we linked up at WSVT with Brandon Perelson

and Julian

amazing self filmed front lip over the hip - Julian

Mike double axle grinder with speed and power

Luke and the tribute to Shockus

rippers be bringing snacks to the park!

Klich, Julian, & Luke
shooting second angles of Brandon punching out to pillar ride
SD legend Edgar showed up right  before we left!
after WSVT we met up with Walb where he ollied up to back Smith

Walb is on a tear! pivot to fakie on the mega extension

blazing through a feeble grind to fakie
Dan showed up and everybody got a kick out of the pic I brought...

Dan blasting a mute at my backyard mini ramp in Kansas in 1988
Steve Revord - fully inverted
Dan Sharp - Smith on the ext

rock out with your guac out team reunification in Oceanside

reconnected with Ted Fred and Sue from Bellingham

Ted gets some in the deep end
next day went out street skating and got a bunch of clips - B Street closer to sunset

Percey had us over for dinner - and the next morning Klich was off to AZ

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