Friday, February 6, 2015


we lost bob 2-4-13 ----  two years later we celebrated his life
Ann & Forrest were the first to arrive

followed by Nicole Morales and it didn't take long for the memorabilia to unfold

new roommates, Amy & Kenny {sipping on prison juice}, came out to join the festivities
I didn't exactly stick to BOB's prison juice recipe
I can't recall if BOB loved the guac - but the party goers did.

Daryl in the red flannel had known Bob since he was 18

and had many wonderful stories to share

this is only a fraction of the BOB art that was on display

in the back office at Overload Skate Shop where Bob was a fixture

we then settled in a for a viewing ROAD TO SALVATION starring Bob Green & David Leo
 I have permission to bring it to YOUTUBE once I figure out how to do that I'll post a link here.

most of the audience had never seen the 22 minute masterpiece

a screen shot of the producer/director & Bob Green friend - Erik Borowitz

I'm so proud that BOB did the art for the traveling free box

at the end of the evening we gathered in the ramp room
to unveil the BOB GREEN memorial & share a few more stories

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