Friday, January 23, 2015

OB living

 spent a couple days living in OB
1st stop in OB is always Peace Pies & JP was there & decked out the Presidential Salad
walking round the hood, I spied some really neat flower pots
a highly decorative frontyard

this beach kitty was super friendly

the sunset progression on day 1 in OB
main reason I was in OB was to see GARBAGE WARRIOR at the green store

OB Rancho's made me my USUAL - papa ranchos

walked back this little DIY pole jam

recently saw this Little C photo by Zach Dowdy

fluff master!
OB Hostel is lookin good

who remembers Eatopia?
sunset progression day 2 in OB
Ivery Turner told me about his photo show

so I walked over to check it out.......Neil Blender was there

dude at People's told me about this DIY spot that is now gone

Stu is back in the USA!

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