Thursday, January 22, 2015


in April 2010 all these turkey's linked up in NC for a skate trip of epic proportions
I tried to get the band back together for a winter trip to Arizona, but in the end, only Gabe & I made the trip.
And what a trip it turned out to be as Gabe approached his dirty 30. 

GABE full part - here
full trip video - here

I grabbed Gabe @5am & we were soaking at Holtville by 7am.

we met two of the Salvation Mountain cats

it was Gabe's 1st time
another 1st for Gabe - the Slab City DIY skatepark - fs tailblock

he did pay to play
neither of us had been to the El Mirage skatepark - Gabe lien to tail
Gabe picked the SLAP pin by Don Pendleton

starting off a 5 trick line at Peoria

Oscar Navarro & the Zflex team showed up - back boneless high to low
AZ local backside double flipping the tough spot at Beardsley Banks
Joe Hammeke orchestrating a possible ad?

Gabe won his dinner at Organic Shores with the melon over the channel
Mark Carroll took us on a hike to South Mountain where we saw 2 coyotes

Streetstyle in Tempe took place in that parking lot
next up was the Hole in the Rock

lunch at Green
me & Mark, Jaws&Dakota, Jonathan & Andrew from IN, Hammeke

Gabe boardslides & kicks into into hurricane at Tempe
Gabe took to van life like a true vagabond
an HK moment at Pecos

then Dan Santovin made an appearance!

Jeff, the new homey at Chandler

Dan lending some support to my tailblock at Chandler
Gabe's ender for Chandler - the Texas plant in Arizona!
Ol' Dirty Gabe - with only one more park to hit
Gabe befriended young Daniel at the new Maricopa park

long time pals AJ & Jens made the drive south to session with us!

slept in the desert, soaked at Holtville at dawn, skated Lakeside, & were eating at Pokez by 11am
Patricia is hoping to get all of us to Colorado for a mission in late summer.... I'm in!

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