Friday, January 23, 2015

meals with Meredith

home from Long Beach there was a letter from Heidi. she said I should get a neck tattoo
so the next morning, I went to Influx with Ken at 6am and got a fish and chicken tattoo on my neck

wrote in my Illya journal down in my spot in the canyon

bumped into Louie in the alley behind WF.

kicked it w/ Percey & Meredith

made soy curl tacos for everyone -  Meredith's 1st time ever for soy curl anything

she then made me a desert waffle
Bobert took me skating at a ramp I'd never visited!

turns out I know the resident shredder - David J

been eating lots of tacos on the bench in the front yard.. come SIT A SPELL with me.

made tacos for Chris then we skated and......

he showed me the SuperHawk - his new truck
worked on an intricate puzzle with Ingrid
stoked to see a new PARKLET outside Mama's Kitchen

I've been decluttering & have found some gems - my old backyard mini in KS

last time I wore a TUXEDO was for Antonio's wedding.

I took a look through my VENOM flyer's folder!
Jeffrey gave me the plastic skateboarder 2 years ago, & recently gave me the flag pin
beat my disc golf record the other day. 2 over

made tacos for Gerardo & he jumped on the ramp

POKEZ with Meredith - shared the tofu fajitas!

crouch down so I can get all the food in the shot!

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