Friday, January 9, 2015

long beach bonus

Rich's show was the main reason I ventured to Long Beach. full report here
so I look at all that follows as a BIG bonus

after walking to the van from Rich's party, Dan & I drove by this, but it was a zoo
so we pushed on and soon arrived at Bryce's photo show
Schmitt Stix reunion - Paul & Bryce
Lance in the background of a Grant/Hosoi selfie

Atiba & Vern were on hand
Gonz inverted

Julien & Natas

an unpublished shot of Tommy from 1980
Ed lipsliding in SF

Frank choppin up skates

Mike shot a burnout - a texan shooting texans

Atiba & Mike - buds since 92 in Colorado

Dan helped me get in the Emerica party & I kicked it with Trent on the couch
drunk girls posing with the passed out guy
where's Figgy?

once Figgy appeared it wasn't long till he was covered in beer
atiba's view of the dude with the new pro shoe

then Earthless took the stage - I saw one song and retired for the evening
skated this big beauty in Encinitas on the way back to Edgemont

this is the only transition on the street plaza - great to be in shorts and flops again

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