Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainbow Bros

While in ASHEVILLE, I was alerted that the 2012 Rainbow Gathering was happening just a few hours away over the border in Tennessee. I met two traveler kids in FIRESTORM that were looking for a ride. After my experience last YEAR....{See here} I'd walked away thinking, I'd go to future gatherings but wouldn't drive long distances to attend. Learning that it was so close, and seeing that there were people in need of rides, I realized I was destined to go. The next day I went back to Firestorm to find those two guys and tell them that I'd give them a ride to Rainbow. Alas...they weren't there, but as I was asking the clerk, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "my girlfriend and I are looking for a ride to RAINBOW, could you take us?" So on June 21st, Go Skateboarding Day, Brandon and Hannah met me in a downpour at the skate spot and we began our journey to the 2012 Rainbow Gathering.

Brandon and his wife to be, Hannah.. on the road to Rainbow
Danny & Ted were the first fellas I met when I parked behind them on the outer road.
I flew the flag the whole time

The road to the Rainbow really is the perfect spot for the Free Box

the BOX was well received and nearly cleaned out.
in the AM we had shade on van side, but by PM we'd move the chairs to the other side of the road to catch the shade

Ted brought homemade bread infused with bee pollen.
Baruch met up the next night and made me a sandwich

I rode my bike thru the whole gathering, but felt most at home in the van.

Kimco and I saw a black bear cross this very road while playing frisbee.

Baruch's companion, MAX

Random Rainbow cat!

The days were hot, but nights cooled off for VAN LIFE

Tent check and kitchen scouting mission into the main Gathering
Kimco & I got a tour of a school bus coverted into a photo gallery

It was pristine and just driven out from California.

This was not an uncommon sight with Danny.
Kimco hipped us to the waterfall where I cooled off twice a day.

Danny has a hard time walking long distances, but I dragged him to the waterfall on my last day.

This sums up my time at the Rainbow. I like being there before it officially begins.
I was there for 4 nights, but bailed out on day 5, ending up crossing over the Appalachain Trail. Found a discarded Cheerwine bottle to welcome me back to NC. Adam awaited...

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