Sunday, August 12, 2012


I gave my self a close shave in motel bathroom. Shortest it's been in years and I love it.
Ruin has a lot of real estate devoted to DVDs!

Ian from Ruin skating to get caffeine.
this monster is a few blocks from RUIN.

Lots of good eats in and around Atlanta.

they would fill my own bottle with their juice!
5th ward skatepark!

the chicken coop - all to myself
back D
You'd think I could ollie higher, right?
and the old stand by - the pivot to fakie
Ran into Nick Halkias at Stratosphere!
Grant, Graham, & Thomas at Stratosphere
Deck Specs - shades made from used decks. Graham works there.
Epic African co op across the street from the skate shop. Jed Davis works there.
Spent a lot of time walking in the neighborhoods!
Soul VEG 1

Soul Veg 2


Lots of rad benches in the public parks!
World Peace Cafe was refreshing.
Was stoked to get blueberries from Stoke Farm.
 Initially I was only planning on staying in ATLANTA for a day or two... BUT on WED when I landed, I learned about an art show and demo coming up on SAT. "Skate IT or Hang IT:"  So I enjoyed a few extras days in ATL..... Here is my coverage of the art show... Was super cool seeing Steve Rodriguez and Michael Sieben at the show.       LINK>>>>

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