Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adam's NC

ADAM is the primary reason I extended my travels as far as the EAST COAST. Going to the Rainbow postponed my arrival at Adam's abode by close to a week, but he was good natured about it. After crossing the Appalachain Trail, I stopped at the Amish grocery store and kicked it with the owner. Then I stopped in Boone, NC for lunch and moved on to visit some clients and finally made it to Adam's.

Adam got busy in the kitchen...

After a week @ Rainbow, this homecooked meal was cherished.
Bullet made smoothies in the morning.
one of the grandest chocolate bar displays I've ever seen
on the golf course by 7:15am. Adam tees off

oooohhhh soooo close....

The DIY spot is rough but fun. Blocks from Adam's place
Pivot fakie on the smallest thing there.... 9:25am

Frank's got a facelift since I'd been there 2 years ago.

always fun to get your tricks on pool coping. temps rising

Tail block on the coping block

Grey joined us for some sweating.

and what would the session be without a pivot to fakie.

Quarry bound by 1pm.
this was the first day over 100 and the water felt good.
swim across for some cliff jumping!
a night on the town salad
Game night with the extended friends at Grey's compound

Farkel at Sunday morning Weaver Street brunch

Farkel inside Weaver Street one fine evening.

the kerry tarullo kiss

vegan pizza day!!!

A gal at Carrboro Farmer's Mkt had a vegan donut that I give the thumbs up to!

thanks for the memories, ADAM.! good things are coming your way.........!

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