Monday, August 6, 2012


I motored down to TULSA to do a cannonball for Mrs.C.
Eleanor in the shade, but still poolside
I went to the ballet to see Margaret do her thing.
From Tulsa, it was off to Birmingham via Ft. Smith - where I found that most everything is closed on SUN.
Boardertown was open and has a really unique bowl
1st stop in Little Rock was Kanis Park. Brodie and I skated here in 91
They have a DIY section that is growing and fun
FS Pivot in the shallow end... not nearly as fun as 20 years ago
rock n rollin
Of course all the good VEGAN spots were closed because I chose to travel on Sunday.
got a tour of Daniel Haney's skatepark 
lots of options including a vert ramp in the background
Rolled into Memphis and most places were closed, but not the Ethiopian spot!
Hit Cosmic Coconut in the morning for juice.
Tore around this fun bowl at the Memphis Skatepark
Cheapskates has been serving Memphis for close to 25 years.
Indian feast in Birmingham.

Faith brought Emerica to town for a demo

I didn't realize Mike was on the tour - BONUS!
kids love autographs
Westgate flies a frontside flip while Jon Minor films. VIDEO
Took some looking, but I found the ghetto banks.
All I could muster was a back D. steeper in person.
Golden Temple was my salvation

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