Tuesday, August 28, 2012


first stop from Philly was Bethlehem, PA's VEGAN TREATS
I selected a blueberry cake donut and the world class PB Bomb
From PA, I came through Staten Island and stopped to see Caroline.

I always get psyched to go over big bridges.. VERRAZANO

I met Ben and his co worker at Bliss Cafe for breakfast.
Ben got the fruity pancakes.
a jam band on the corner

pistachio smoothie @ FOOD SWINGS
RADICAL open spaces market in the park

bizarro ping pong bar

Ben told me about McCarren Park Pool recently reopening.
The wait in the long line paid off.... the pool is massive

more photos here....
bold statement

lay off the horn, fruitcake!

so stoked on the SWAPoMATIC - thanks for letting me know, TEAGEN.

easy to register and I swapped a book of mine

for a book of someone else's!  

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