Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sonia's NC

I drove to Wilmington, met Sonia, and went to play w/ Ransom

Ransom is a handful
Down on the boardwalk...showing me around town..
lots of tv shows and movies are filmed in Wilmington.
Played some Pinball with Sonia - Addam's Family~

Dinner @ Flaming Amy's. ayce was delicious!

the glowing couple!
watermelon feast for desert!
Got in the Atlantic at Wilmington...hobo ocean shower

Billboard in Wilmington

The dreamy bowl at Eastern
My rep for over 10years, Mo Morgan, blasts over the hip!

They didn't skimp on the street course either.

Reggie's board made into a clock at Endless Grind

Skate Barn's outside infamous metal ramp.

I had no idea Vertical Urge has a park as well.

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