Friday, August 24, 2012

DC for the 4th

I rolled into DC & hung with Kim & Duke
It was in DC that I got hooked on the Quinoa dark choco bar.
I polished off a few melons while hanging.
We got a dinner party invite to Doron & Peter's place!
A pleasant billboard in a sea of advertising.
Sticky Fingers Bakery!!!
I had two meals here, just down the street from Kim's.
savory pie w/ salad
my 1st ever cherry pie
Savory pie #2
I had to compare their Strawberry Rhubarb against Brodie's. Brodie wins!
On the 4th of July, I met up w/ Josh Stewart and Joel Meinholz for the Pulaski BUM RUSH THE SPOT...    VIDEO here.
the legendary plaza known as Pulaski
Joel breaks it down for those in attendance
Josh Stewart put the clip above together.
Shaun Gregoire killed it all day. Smith the gap. VIDEO
Josh, Joel and the bags of prizes
I started seeing this board everywhere.
That night went to a house party. Peter pinches the Capitol
Kim's head explodes.
The fireworks displays on the streets were gnarlier than the main gig.
My DC homies.... peter & kim. - thanks for the good times..>!

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