Friday, July 31, 2015

midwest ride ep.2

i beat the rising river & made it into Beatrice where I quickly rehydrated

linked up with Steve at the Beatrice Public Pool p:andel
skated a ditch by the pool. p:andel

checked out the flooding by the city park along the Big Blue River

took the bike path back until we hit a blockade we couldn't get around
we were looking for a spot to camp on the trail, but the mosquitos were intense
 so we kept on moving. finally we decided to push all the way back to Steve's pad.
me shooting Steve, shooting me out on the county road
the bandana is invaluable p:andel

gravel roads before hitting the main highway into Lincoln

made it to Cortland - I'm not sure I can make it at this point
the sun set before we saw the outskirts of Lincoln
after much struggle, we made it to Steve - right next door to the state Capitol.

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