Monday, February 16, 2015

test ride

For over two years now, I've wanted to ride my bicycle to Simi Valley. Yes, I want to ride it to more scenic places as well, but since I have family in Simi, I thought that would make a reasonable, in state destination for a ride. Earlier this week I did a test ride with the bike loaded down. Clocked about 65miles and rode to Leucadia and back in one day. Tomorrow begins the week plus journey to Simi Valley.

should of zigged when I zagged at Rose Canyon - had to backtrack - but now I know
brief snack break at the Che Cafe to sit with Rich's murals
looking forward to Salad Days screening at the Che in March
passed the La Paloma in Encinitas - world famous for skate video premieres

 A - rode as far North at the Leucadia skatepark, took a few turns, then rode to Peace Pies
B - parked out front of Peace Pies
C - a marvelous kale salad
D - then my day was made when Barry walked in
Annette & Barry were promoting their upcoming raw potluck

Barry is very engaging

this little buddy was patiently waiting

palm trees, American flags, and insane drop ins - Hairball, Bam, Omar!

stopped by the Zero reading room, but Jamie & Ed were in LA for the day
skated the new clover for a bit
Mike was on the phone for a long while - note his original Blaze Blouin collection

so I had some time to photograph some of the cool stuff in his office
 A - my guess is Meza made this for Mike's 30th birthday
B - Drive like Jehu poster & Lance Mountain painting of Steve Caballero
C - Neil Blender handmade fingerboard
D - Mark Lake handmade fingerboard
E - Andy Harris grinding

surf headed south near Del Mar

snack break with the gulls
then after the longest hill climb of my short life, I got hit by a 90year old man in his Lexus.
He made a right turn into my rear tire, but luckily didn't knock me down. He stopped in time and somehow maintained balance. I sure did see how easily I could die. Exchanged info and I was able to hobble home by 6:19pm. Having left the house at 7:33am, it was too long a day on the bike. I jumped in the shower and prepared for my dinner guests.
Kristina & Steve Bailey scooted over for some talk & tacos.
I'll do better to take more breaks and read my book on the ride to Simi.

I'll use the hashtag #kevridestoSIMI

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